Video Samples

Start-Up Package - Immersive Nature Films

Algrave Maritime – Portugal, Algrave Sunrise – Portugal, Cherry Blossoms- Netherlands, Distant Sea – Fauskasandur Iceland, Fresh Green and Creek – Romania, Gentle Blue – Baltic Sea Germany, Glacier Lagoon – Iceland, Green Moments – Muritz Germany, Ice and Waves – Iceland, Late Summer In the Mountains – Austria, Munnar Tea Plantations – India, Obersee -Germany, Palms and Green – Thailand, Steaming Earth Kerlingarfjoll -Iceland, Sunset In The Desert – Sahara Morocco, Thailand Impressions, Time and Stone – Atlantic Coast France, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall – Iceland, Waves and Suset – Atlantic COast Portugal, Little Creek – Austria Enjoy an exclusive selection of the most beautiful and scenic atmosphere immersive nature films in Ultra High De!nition. Produced in the highest quality with the atmosphere “Slow Movement” filming Technique. Five hours of meditative natural sceneries – together with natural sounds – help patients relax, restore energy and reduce long- and short-term stress triggers.

Beautiful Iceland 1 - 3 Immersive Nature Films

Frozen In Time – Iceland, On The Rocks – Iceland, Little Waterfall Gljufrafoss – Iceland Enjoy the beauty of Iceland, a country of sharp contrasts. A place where !re and ice co-exist. Volcanos, icebergs, stunning waterfalls and glacier lagoons. A unique island where dark winter are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. Icelandic culture has been shaped by the extreme forces of nature. The sense of tradition is strong and the bond with nature is tight.

Nature Park Karwendel - 3 Immersive Nature Films

Nature Park Karwendel 1 – Austria, Nature Park Karendel 2 – Austria, Spring Rain In The Mountain – Austria “The mountains are calling and I must go”-John Muir. The Karwendel mountain range in Austria is a wonder of raw nature. Feel like a wanderer with atmosphere Healthcare, feel your lungs inflate with the beauty of the mountains, pureness of rivers and primeval forest. A welcome respite from the fast moving world.

Ocean Waves 1 - 2 Immersive Nature Films

Blue Waves – Portugal, Ocean Playground – Portugal These two atmosphere healthcare films show unedited sceneries of the atlantic oceans as if you were there. There is something extremely calming and stress releaving about watching waves slowly breaking. Watching and listening to the ocean gives our brains and our senses a rest from the everyday overstimulation.

Hainich Spring Forest - 2 Immersive Nature Films

Hainich Spring Forest 1 – Germany, Hainich Spring Forest 2 – Germany Primeval Woodland in the north of Germany. Magnificent nature with deciduous trees, European beech in particular, reaching up to the sky. Orchids grow in the shade of dense vegetation and beautiful legions of wild garlic cover the floor in spring. Listen to the soft breeze between the trees, the birds, its a wonderful recovery for body and mind in a peaceful area.

Southern England - 2 Immersive Nature Films

England South Coast – England, The South – England Enjoy two meditative “Slow Movement” natural sceneries with natural sounds filmed in Southern England by Maxx Hermann. These films with beautiful views of the landscapes and the sea will help patients relax, restore energy and reduce long- and short-term stress triggers. There is something for everyone to see on this costal stroll between the downs and the sea.

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