Top Ten Reasons to Consider an atmosphere healthcare Relaxation Display System for Your Waiting Room

August 11, 2017

  1. Industry estimates show that between 30 and 40 million people avoid going to the dentist because of Dental Anxiety, or fear related to seeking or receiving dental care. This anxiety heightens in the waiting room.

  2. The atmosphere-Healthcare audio/visual content solution for dentists lowers the incidence of dental anxiety by reducing a patient´s stress level, slowing the pulse rate and stabilizing breathing — all while the patient is waiting for treatment.

  3. The presence of UHD High Dynamic Range 10-bit displays playing relaxing video and audio content in a waiting room will decrease perceived wait time, by as much as 33% according to some studies.

  4. Outdated or legacy technology and other amenities in the waiting room reinforces an impression of old-school dentistry, and this association can increase fear and anxiety of the pending treatment.

  5. Digital Signage with commercials or infomercials in a waiting room that promote ancillary dental services and treatments can increase the fear and dread of treatment by reinforcing the perception that more treatments, and more discomfort, may be around the corner.

  6. atmosphere healthcare’s proprietary content utilizes a unique Slow Movement, deceleration-of-life production process. This minimizes the unnatural frame effect of the content on the eyes, resulting in a therapeutic effect by leading the patient into a tranquil and well-being mood just prior to treatment.

  7. atmosphere healthcare offers an exclusive selection of twenty 15-minute beautiful immersive and scenic atmosphere nature films with soothing sounds, for a continual playing time of 5 hours. Additional content is available for download.

  8. atmosphere healthcare provides a turnkey, professionally installed audio-visual patient management solution that reduces patient stress while eliminating doctor and office staff monitoring and management of content, allowing the dentist and office staff to focus on patient care.

  9. atmosphere healthcare utilizes UHD High Dynamic Range 10-bit displays and a proprietary atmosphere Media Player© to create a turnkey, remote control-able patient relaxation environment for your waiting room.

  10. atmosphere healthcare display environments are currently installed in dental offices around the world.

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